Post & Rail PVC Fencing

Our Post and Rail Fencing systems are entirely customizable and can be altered to suite your individual needs, they come with a standard post of 5” x 5” and your choice of either single, 2, 3 or 4 rail system; configurations may be altered upon request. Our fences work perfectly in conjunction with ElectroBraid™ electric fencing; no additional insulators are required when running the electric rope directly through our posts.

Our range of Post and Rail fencing systems are the perfect solution for all your horse and livestock requirements. Our PVC fences are co-extruded using ASA resin to provide you with a fence that has superior durability and impact resistance compared to traditional fencing materials. Our fencing systems are the safest possible for your horses and livestock; unlike wood which splinters and leaves jagged edges that could harm your livestock.

Hassle free installation with the use of notched rails, removing the need for nails and screws. Rails are centred on the posts so that our fencing systems are aesthetically beautiful from all angles.

Available in a range of colours and compatible with all our accessories, speak to your local Mathos distributer to develop a solution for your needs.

Post & Rail Fencing comes in three different styles:


Post & Rail Fencing Specification Download


Post & Rail Fencing
PF-004-1: 2.4m(w) x 2 rail
PF-004-2: 2.4m(w) x 3 rail
PF-004-3: 2.4m(w) x 4 rail



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